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Q1, Who can participate in the AASM 2019?
A, Eligible participants: AASM members, Oral and Poster Presenters from Non-AASM member countries, and General participants (Japanese residents only).
Q2, How do I register for the conference?
A, Please, visit the registration page to enroll for the conference. Conference registration will be opened until July 22, 2019. If you are having trouble registering, please contact us at aasm2019@juntendo.ac.jp.
Q3, What is breakdown of the registration fee?
A, The Registration Fee includes:
- Participation fee
- Lunch (Aug 8th & 9th)
- Welcome Party (Dinner on Aug 7th), and Farewell Party (Dinner on Aug 9th,)
- Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Venue Bus Tour
Q4, Are there accredited hotels for the AASM 2019?
A, There are no accredited hotels for the AASM 2019. However, there are many hotels around the conference venue, so please look for the hotel that suits your budget. We are scheduled to publish recommended hotels as we prepare for the conference, please see the link below for more information.
Q5, Can I cancel after I register for the AASM 2019?
A, It is possible to cancel your registration. Please log in through the registration page, then click “void”, to cancel. Please note that if you cancel your registration, however, there will be no refunds.
Q6, Can I get an official receipt?
A, Yes. Official receipts are offered at the reception desk when you arrive.
Q7, Will I receive a Conformation email?
A, Yes. You will receive a “Conformation of Registration” email approximately 10 days after your registration. Please, print and bring this email to the venue to show at the reception desk.
Q8, What do I need to show at the venue’s reception desk?
A, Please, print and bring the “Conformation of Registration” email to the venue. Show this printout at the reception desk upon arrival.
Q9, I cannot participate in the party/parties or venue tour. Do I need to pay the full Registration Fee?
A, Yes. Our policy requires full payment of the Registration Fee even if you are unable to attend the party/parties or venue tour.
Q10, I have dietary restrictions.
A, There are a few different options available for the types of meals served. Please see below.
Lunch- Bento (lunch box) style. Options include original food, Halal food and other.
Dinner- Buffet style. Please see the labelling on each item about ingredients and allergy precautions.
Please List any dietary restrictions for your reference when you register. Please understand that we cannot guarantee to offer meals which suit your requests exactly.
Q11, Is it possible to participate with a physical disability?
A, Yes. Please, list any physical accessibility needs you would like us to consider in the “Physical Accessibility Needs” form, when you register.
(e.g., Requesting an accessible transport vehicle for offsite activities)
Q12, Do I need a visa to go to Japan?
A, Information about visa requirements to Japan can be found via the link below :
Q13, What are the security passwords that we use during the registration process?
A, If you are a member of the AASM member's organizations, please contact your respective association to receive the country passwords.