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The Asian Association of Sport Management (AASM), in cooperation with the Japanese Association for Sport Management and the Japanese Center for Research on Women in Sport at the Juntendo University will hold the 2019 AASM Conference with the theme: Contribution for SDGs through Sport Management in Asia from August 7th to 9th, 2019 at the Juntendo University, Hongo-Ochanomizu Campus, Tokyo, Japan.

With substantial talks by some of the leading scholars and educators in Asia and North America, and UK, this year’s AASM Conference is expected to gather international delegates from Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and the rest of Asian countries along with local Japanese delegates.

Welcome Message

It is my great honor and privilege to welcome you all to the 15th Asian Association for Sport Management conference (AASM2019) which will be held in Tokyo. Tokyo is a busy city in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games and construction is being carried out everywhere in the city. We are planning a venue tour this time, and it would be nice if you could see the preparations for the world largest mega-sporting event.

Since 2002 when the first AASM conference was held in Seoul, Korea, AASM has contributed to the development of sport industry in Asia and as well as academic development in sport management. We held AASM at Waseda University, Tokyo in 2006, and AASM 2019 will be the second conference to be held in Japan. As Asia develops economically, and the middle class that can enjoy healthy lifestyles and sports is exploding, the value of sports is increasing and the rapid growth of the sports industry is foreseen. With the growing demand for sports, the demand for high-quality sports management research is expanding in Asia.

I sincerely hope that this conference will be a great success not only as a platform to share latest knowledge and experience in sport management, but also as a chance of fruitful friendship in Asian region. I wish all the best for AASM and hope this conference could be a cornerstone of both development of sport and academic progress through variety of perspectives driven by active discussion.

Munehiko Harada, Ph.D.
Chairperson, AASM2019 organizing committee
President, Japanese Association for Sport Management
Professor, Waseda University

On behalf of Asian Association for Sport Management family, I would like to welcome distinguish guests, speakers, presenters and participants to AASM Conference 2019. This year, the conference secondly come to Japan, and the conference site is located in the Juntendo University in Tokyo, which you can witness the atmosphere of rich culture and historical sites. I would like to thank you, the Japanese Association for Sport Management, the Juntendo University, and all members of organizing committee for their hard works and great initiatives throughout the preparation period which you can witness from the movement in conference website and social media. This academic gathering will provide opportunity for sport management scholars and professionals to exchange their ideas and perspectives. New findings will trigger innovations and better ways to manage sport in Asia and beyond. Lastly, I have a strong confidence that AASM Conference 2019 will be a memorable event and highly success in all aspects.

Etsuko Ogasawara, Ph.D.
Vice Chairperson, AASM2019 organizing committee
President, Asian Association for Sport Management
Professor, Juntendo University
Executive Director, Japanese Center for Research on Women in Sport

Greetings! Welcome to the Juntendo University, to the 15th Asian Association for Sport Management Conference. I express my gratitude to you all for attending this event.

Juntendo was originally founded in 1838 as a Dutch school of medicine at a time when Western medical education was not yet embedded as a normal part of Japanese society. With the creation of Juntendo, the founders hoped to create a place where people could come together with the shared goal of helping society through the powers of medical education and practices. Their aspirations led to the establishment of Juntendo Hospital, the first private hospital in Japan. Through the years the institution’s experience and perspective as an institution of higher education and a place of clinical practice has enabled Juntendo University to play an integral role in the shaping of Japanese medical education and practices. Along the way the focus of the institution has also expanded, now consisting of six undergraduate programs and three graduate programs, the university specializes in the fields of health and sports science, nursing health care and sciences, and international liberal arts, as well as medicine. Today, Juntendo University continues to pursue innovative approaches to international level education and research with the goal of applying the results to society.

Again, thank you for your presence - the participants, the guest speakers coming from different parts in the world. We hope everyone can enjoy the conference and pleasant stay in Tokyo.

Dr. Hajime Arai
President of Juntendo University

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